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Turtle Down Music: Homegrown. Universal.

Turtle Down Music is an artist-owned record label and publishing company that publishes, releases, promotes, and licenses music created by its owners, Ethan Sellers and Pat Buzby, and their collaborators.* Virtually every cent we make goes back into making more music, and your support is greatly appreciated!

We are based in Chicago, and we are primarily interested in music that combines multiple genres.

Our current project is a new album by our band Tautologic, Re:Psychle, which you can order directly from us (CDs, t-shirts, and posters) or downloads through other vendors.

Left to Right: Re:Psychle CD, Re:Psychle poster, Re:Psychle T-shirts in Men's (sizes Small to XXXL) and Women's (sizes Extra-Small to XXL) are for sale at our ONLINE STORE, which is - truth to be known - the way that gets us (and our musicians) the most money. For downloads, Bandcamp pays us the best.

Past releases by Tautologic on Turtle Down Music include West Is North, East Is South and Basement Sessions, Volume 1, also available at the Turtle Down Music Store as CDs or downloads through other vendors.

* Read: We are not considering submissions by any outside artists for licensing or publishing.

Turtles All The Way Down

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